This is about my trip from Iceland to hövelhof

It was on the 9 of December, I went to sleep, the next morning I had to wake up 3:30pm in the morning and went to the airport.

There I met my other travel friends, we checked our bags and ate breakfast. we then went to the gate and on the plane. It was a long flight, it was two and a half hour. We stopt in Dublin in Ireland, then we waited for five hours after the next flight we had, we went to town and some of us went shopping.

We went back to the airport and got to know that they could not fly because it was snowing in Düsseldorf, so our flight was canceled. We never got to know when the flight was so we waited for hours again, then we got the news that the flight was next day, we did not get the infromation when.  So we went to a hotel and the next morning we had no idea when the                                        Bildergebnis für dublin

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