The Institut Eugeni Xammar is a secondary school with 475 students, 100 in the non-compulsory level (16 to 18 yo) divided into science, technology, economy and humanities options. The other 375 students are in the four compulsory secondary years (12 to 16 yo). It is well involved in the area’s social network. Among other projects, there’s a round of master classes given by innovatory professionals from different economic sectors, mainly from industry. It is also involved in social activities and has a partnership with an Indian school. It is the bigger organisation in its village. The staff is formed by 42 teachers and 3 administrative workers.

The school in Catalonia (Spain) has got a partnership with an Indian School in a project regarding the integration of blind children from low castes in Anantapur (Fundación Vicente Ferrer). They also collaborate in the local assistance programme, which is focused mainly in immigrant families. In 2016 they collected money, food and medical materials for an NGO that supported Syrian refugees in Greece and Lebanon. Since 2006, the Spanish school has a programme to give attention to newly arrived students, with a teacher in charge of it. During peak periods of arrivals, they have organised welcome groups to offer to foreign students the first tools and resources to adapt to the Catalan school system.
The project coordinator in Spain was the headmaster in the school when the activities described before were implemented, as they were part of his management project (2012-2016). He took the welcome group class during the year 2007-2008.