We are a small school with about 420 pupils and 32 teachers. The range of the age of our students has got an amount between 10 years old students up to 16/17 years old ones.
We are a secondary school at the form Realschule. We have done exchanges with France over the last years. We have some classes specializing in playing musical instruments. Our focus in the 8th grade up to the 10th grade is to help children to get a sense/knowledge of/for their interests.

We also do cooperation with some local companies who support us in preparing the students to find a job. On the other side we have a cooperation with Altenheim = retirement home / old people’s home, where pupils learn social competences by visiting older people and spending some time with them.

Franz-Stock-Realschule has not been involved in an Erasmus project yet! That’s why we want to participate from 2017 on. Mr Welschmeier has already collected great experiences with his past school in Delbrück. That’s why he wants to settle and continue that project in Hövelhof.
One to connect Hövelhof with Europe’s international partnerships and second there is a lot of experience from people and inhabitants who work in a voluntary service. But what makes us special as a school and community is that we work against racism, exclusion and against problems of integration. At the end of January our school gets the seal “school against racism” – we succeeded in this campaign and got selected. We are also connected to refugee classes, but more impressively Hövelhofs community helps these people with a big displacement camp. The integration in our society, culture and nevertheless language.