The train ride to Hövelhof

The Trip began at 10:20 on the 10th December and we met at the main station in Augsburg. The ICE started at 10:47.

 The first arrive was the main station in Nürnberg. The station was really big. There were a lot of different Shops. We all eat in a Fastfood restaurante called MC Donalds. We had a stay for 35 Minutes.  

The next stop was the main station in Kassel. In the station was a big Shopping Mall. There were some various shops too, but we don’t eat somethink because we were full. And on the whole ride it snowed.  

We arrived Paderborn at 16:30, because we had a delay of 30 Minutes. The station of padarbon was very uncomfortable, cold and very small. But there was a MC Donalds too. And the whole trip we had also free Wlan.

The last train goes to Hövelhof our goal. We arrived it at 17:45 and were warmly welcomed by our gas familie.

On the whole, I found it a boring ride, although you could see many interesting things at the various stations.



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