It was the 10th of December of 2017, when we got up and got ready to set out for Germany. Our day started at 7:00 am when we woke up and hurriedly ran around the house wondering if there was anything we´d forgotten. There always is something missing, this time it was my toothbrush! We then drove the short trip to the airport where at exactly 9:30, we were all gathered.

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It didn´t take too long to check in the luggage, so we did that and headed to security. Afterwards we had one hour of free time in which we were able to go around the duty free section and shop a bit. But when the hour was up, we saw the teachers still in a restaurant so we thought we still had a bit more time but then fifteen minutes later, when we returned, the teachers had been looking for us: now we were late! We ran through the airport as they called for our flight. We arrived at the gate out of breath and handed the lady working there our passports and boarding passes. She looked at us curiously, wondering why we had run and though the queue had already gone inside, it turned out that there was still plenty of time to enter the plane!! The flight lasted two and a half hours but due to the strong wind, there were several moments of turbulence and the plane swayed back and forth quite violently. It was a bit scary but luckily, nothing very serious happened.

WDisplaying P_20171210_154019.jpge arrived at the airport at around 2 o´clock. One of the girls travelling almost lost her suitcase at the baggage pickup. But again, we were lucky, and it appeared. Having an hour of waiting to get the train, we used the time to eat our lunch in a small restaurant in the Hannover airport and shortly after, we went to the train station, got on the train and were headed to Paderborn. We took the train at 3:30 and did a transfer at 6:15 to another train that took us to Hövelhof. All in all, we were on the train for 3 hours. At 6:30 we arrived at the station and our families received us on the platform. It was quite a smooth travel but at the end of the day we were exhausted all the same!!

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