We from Denmark met Sunday at 9.00 o‘clock at our school. There we waited at the bus, as should come. The bus was a little late, so we drived about 15 min. later. In the bus, we was about an hour, and then we was coming to Germany. There we took a break, and we went to Fleggaard. We knew that we have to drive in about 10 hours, so all of us buyed a lot of sweet things, and something to eat and drink in the bus. We was there in 20 min. before we was driving again. Later we hold again, and there we got some food. We went to Burger King. After that we drived again and there became eating, but someone also reading, sleeping and listenend to music. We also had a lot of fun. Then we almost was there, we come to a traffic jam. It was snowing, but it wasn’t why. It was because of a truck, as was overturned. That wasn’t so nice. We driving 4 km at 4 hours at that time.

Picture: The traffic jam. There was snow.

By Freja Louise Kristiansen

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