Rask Mølle School is situated in the countryside with about 500 pupils, which come from a big area. A small part of them are pupils with special needs, which our school is specialized in. During the last few years the school has received a number of foreigner students from Syria and Africa. There are 45 teachers and about 10 with other pedagogical educations.

Rask Mølle Skole has been involved in a Comenius project in the year 2013-2015 together with three other schools who are also part of this application process. After our Comenius project we have kept working on intercultural competences among our students and teachers. We would very much like to start this project about immigration, because it is something that we are all responsible for and it is a topic which is very common to everyone.
The key person of this project has experiences with international projects and she has also been involved with refugees in our local area.