Immigration – there’s no going back

Our group has decided to build a project based around the theme of “Immigration” with the aim of increasing awareness of the cause and effect of immigration across the whole of Europe.We will compare how immigration effects students in different locations in Europe and how our students can help the integration of immigrates into our cities; minimizing discrimination, segregation and racism. The outcome of the project will be to develop resources in a range of different media, that are available in at least 5 different European languages, and involve the experiences of external agencies. In the current climate across Europe internationally we are seeing an increase in immigration especially with the refugee crisis. As a group even small schools (Rask Mølle) are welcoming refugees within their classrooms and are therefore having to develop skills and an awareness of how to interact and integrate students into their cultures whilst having an appreciation of their life style. In preliminary discussions we discovered that different parts of Europe are responding in different ways to handle the immigrants and the project will look to educate and evaluate our different approaches. The next decade will only see an increase in immigration and there is a need to greater prepare schools and communities to facilitate the co-existence of immigrants and local people: enabling immigrants to thrive within and complement the whole of Europe
“Immigration, there is no going back”
Through the project we aim not only to look into the cultural differences but also to prepare our students to have a career in work places that are multicultural (due to migration) building a society with intercultural competency and without prejudice. If this was project was not transnational we would be unable to share our different experiences to increase our adaptability.