The journey took 3 days and two nights and two several hotels. First they have to wake up at 3:00 o´clock and drive to the airport. At the airport they waited and went to the gate where they waiting for the airplane. After the got in to the airplane they flew from Iceland to Dublin. In Dublin they had to wait 18 hours  because they flight to Düssledorf got canceled. They search a hotel and found one. The hosts were really excited. After one day they flew in the afternoon to Köln Bonn and then they drive to Düsseldorf with train. In Düsseldorf they had to sleep in a hotel because they can´t drive to Hövelhof. The next day the wake up 7:30 o´clock. Then they took a train to Hövelhof and arrive at 13:00 o´clock in Hövelhof.


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