What I learned about refugees?


I learned that the people don’t go voluntary to another country. They cant take much with them also maybe some photos.  Lots of child`s go without their parents to another country because they want a better life for their kids. Refugees were also normal people, there not really different like people from Germany or Austria. We have learned how the refugees flee from their country where is maybe war or something like this. Not all people came because there is war some people are also coming because they find no work and live in poverty.  They must be very desperately  when they leave their country, all their things and memories. Not all people they hoped of a better life in a new country are survive at their way. Lots of them died at sea while their boat is sinking. The Refugees hope of a better life here but its not easy for them. They have to learn a new language and  the new culture. They have to get involved in society. I think it was good to learn something about the Refugees. Now we knew how they come to us and why. Its better to know why they come because now i unterstand why,they only hope of a better life.

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