This week we have learned about how refugees try to flee their war torn countries in order to keep safe. We have looked at how they risk anything and everything just to get to a safer place which allows them to have better opportunities for their life ahead. But unfortunately, some of these people don´t make it and sadly drown during this process. this can be from men and women, to children and young babies. I found this very horrific and shocking of how this actually happens in our modern day world. I feel personally, that this is bad to see that adults die in the water, but even worse when it is young children because it is very heart-aching to see.

We also looked at their journeys to these countries and how badly they are treated by the smugglers. These smugglers physically do not care whether the people die, they just want their money. Although this may be the only way for the smugglers to make money, there is still no reason for them to treat the refugees in this horrendus way.

Similarly linking in with the journeys they take, we looked at a few organisations that work with refugees and one of these was Sea-watch. This is an organisation that helps people  get to these safer countries without the risk of them drowning as their boats are made from very thin material. thin as a bicycle inner tube infact! We had a presenation from Martin Kolek and how his time in the Sea-watch campaign was and what it was like out on the boats and how to handle these situations with the refugees. But like before, there were some brutal parts to this and was presented exactly how it is out there on the ocean.

Liam Anderson

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