In this week i learn that refugees flee to our countries, because in their countries there is a lot of war, violence and bomb attacks. This is horrible, because the refugees have to past a horrible time.

Smugglers treated the refugees badly and the boat are badly made. Many people drown in the water during the unsafe trip to a safe country. They risk their life to get to a new country. This is just horrble to see and to hear. Smugglers don´t care, if the refugees die. The Smuggler only cares about the money.

Martin Kolek from the Sea-Watch help the refugees to survive. He has past this time and he has seen many corpses floating on the water. Not only adults drown, there were many children and babies. For me it is just horrible.

Refugees are equal to other people and all people want to have a good life.This cannot happen, when we discriminate the refugees.Our Motto of this week was Erasmus + “IMMIGRATION,there is no going back”. When I can, I would help the refugees to have a better life.

Alexander Kurmas

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