Mr  Kolek had talk about  his work in the Sea-Watch and his rescue mission. He said that it is hard work for him, but he likes to help people. His latest mission was 2 weeks ago. When a rubber boat is found, the Sea-Watch has to help them.  When a little child was sick, the Sea-Watch took  the child and help. The big boat is far away from the rubber boat, because the People from the Sea-Watch don´t want that the refugees to jump into the water. Mr Kolek rescued two babies. A boy and a girl. Once he found the two babies, that he rescued. There were a lot of corpses floating in the water. He found the place, where the baby boy and the baby girl are buried on the graveyard. The Sea-Watch do, that they can. When the Sea-Watch share live vests, kids get the live vest first. Then the woman and then the men. They take nobody on board, till a bigger boat pick the refugees up and supply them with foods and drinks.

Alexander Kurmas

This is Martin Kolek standing in front of the grave from the two babies.



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