Martin Kolek

Yesterday Martin Kolek was at our school and talked how they tried to save refugees at water to alive. He told us that before they went to water they had to practise a lot. The ship is called “Sea Watch” with which it were at the Mediterranean Sea. He told us who was on the ship with him and who do what. Mr Kolek showed us a lot of pictures and videos from their trip at sea. Videos from where they see boots with refugees and brought them life jackets and help them. One Night Martin Kolek became a radiogram that there is a wood ship that is sinking. At their wato this ship they saw another ship with refugees who needed help. So one speedboat drove to the sinking boat and the sea watch help the other. They rook all refugees off to their ship and drove to the wood boat. If they were there, lots of dead people swam in the ocean. He showed us a video from this. It looks very terrible, we saw all the dead people. They took life jackets at the arms or legs from the dead people that they don’t sink. They also find two little child´s what they took off from the water. It looks so terrible when we saw the people on the video because the people were almost dead. He already told us that it is voluntary to help the refugees on the sea watch. Mr Kolek said he will never forget this trip. And in two weeks he go to a new trip to help refugees.

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