Yesterday evening Martin Kolek was in our school and told us much about fleeing people.

He is a person who works for no money for Sea-Watch and tries to rescue fleeing people .

Sometimes they are to late and  can´t  rescue the people an they died , they had to bring them on boats  and barry them on the land.

Sea-Watch is an big organisation which rescue much of people.

We  saw  yesterday much of dead people and we all were shocked.

But they rescued the most of people and they were lucky that they was found.

The Crew and the boat was not really big , only 15 people.

Before they go on water they had to do much of train one and a half year they trained.

The 15 people which were on the  boat are all made another job .

I found the presantation good and I was very shocked that so much people died on the water.

I would rescue all people which I can rescue.

It was very interesting and good.

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