For the meeting next week you can prepare by reading the following fairy tales by HC Andersen. Maybe you can let the students read them in your national language. In the workshops we will provide english versions of the following fairy tales:

The Ugly Duckling, The Hardy Tin Soldier, The Little Match Girl, The Teapot and The Toad.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


The fairy tales are available in both english, spanish and german vi the link above. The fairy tales numbers are 12-25-37-117-127

HC Andersen workshop – Pupil assignment

  • Find quotes from the fairy tales that relates to the subject – Immigration and the challenges we face. – Be prepared to discuss and comment the quotes you have chosen.

Present your choices on a cardboard with illustrations…

  • Find out more about HC Andersen and his life – Why did he move from Odense to Copenhagen?

Use all of your creative skills available! Make a drawing, a presentation, a poem, a collage etc.


Aims of the workshop:


  1. To make the pupils relate to the topic immigration through reading fairy tales
  2. To make pupils aware of how HC Andersen evolved into a famous author
  3. To make pupils realize what some people do to create a better life for themselves.
  4. To make pupils express their thoughts on the topic through creativity


  1. To make pupils from different countries interact




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