Erasmus plus is an project which is very important that the next genaration doesnEr´t start a new world war .But when in the next genaration start a 3rd world war the world would destroyed because all have big bombs and destroyed all with them .!!! The last world war is 80 years ago but all know about the bad time and the very bad war.The last world war germany lost and we all flee in other countys but now in other countrys is war and they all flee to us in our country or in other countrys.I think all people need a good life and not life in a bad country were is war and were they could died . That´s not good!!! In Africa much peoples starve thats also bad .! They all need a good life and not starve . Much of the countrys in the world are not good because they are big problems and we tried to make it better than now! I would like to help and I hope that you also would like to help the peoples which live bad and starve .This planet is better when we all help and not do nothing! Yesterday we was in wewelsburg there had worken for the SS a very bad group of nazis and they enslave lots of people without an sense.


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